10 Study Tips For Taking Ham Radio License Exam – Guide to Success

Ok, you’re serious about the Ham radio. You want to take an exam for the ham license and get started communicating with others. But before taking that exam for the intended permit, you’ve got to prepare for it.

And you know, studying for anything can be daunting if you don’t have a proper plan for it.

That’s why I’ve come with 10 study tips for taking the ham radio license exam.  Following these quick and practical tips, you will ace the exam. So, no need to panic; go through them, and you’ll be ready.

Study Tips For Taking Ham Radio License Exam

Study Tips For Taking Ham Radio License Exam

Before starting with the tips, I want to first let you know that you should have some time allocated for the prep of the exam. If you give 8-hour before exam day, you can do great in the exam. So, it’s not that hard, but you’ve got a strategy.

That’s what we’re trying to know about here.

1. License you want to get

The first thing you need to sort is the class of license you want to operate the Ham radio. If you’ve followed my previous article, you should know that there are 3-types of licenses FCC offer to the Ham users. You’ve got the entry-level Technician license. Then there is the General one, and the last one with the most privileges is the Extra. Obviously, each exam will be more complicated than the other.

You need to have a clear idea of which type of license you want to get. And study according to it. If you prepare for the higher-tier license exam, you will be able to do good in all the other exams.

However, if you don’t feel the need for that kind of privilege and don’t want to study a lot, don’t do that. Just stick to the license you’re trying to get and plan your study based on that.

2. Study Plan

Everyone has their way of study. Some learn better reading, while others can soak the knowledge better with visuals. You should study using your preferred medium. And if you need more help, you can look for websites that help with that. Or you can get some books from Amazon.

3. Study Time

This is something that I’ve talked about right before sharing the tips. But studying right before the big day isn’t ideal. At least, study daily or one day a week. If you can give time every day, then 30 minutes of study without distraction is more than enough. And if you want to study one day a week, keep 3-5 hours for that. It is better to learn daily as you will feel more comfortable with the material. Whichever suits you best, go with that.

4. Give the Time

This is something that many people get wrong. They allocate time for the study, but they don’t follow the schedule. Suppose you’re studying daily, and for a week or even a couple of days, you gave yourself a break from it. In that case, you will find it hard to remember some of the materials that you’ve studied before. It will feel like you’re reading them for the first time. It is for this reason, sticking to the study time is crucial. Don’t just allocate the time; give the time for studying seriously.

5. Save the Day

Ham radio license exams get taken every month. In more populated areas, they get taken every other week. If you think like when you’re ready, you’ll register for the exam and take it, you won’t be prepared for it.

You’ve got to choose a date. And plan your study based on that. You will try your best to be ready before that day. That will give you the boost you need to pace yourself better for the exam.

Having no set day is not going to help. So pick a date when you want to take the exam and start working, keeping that insight.

6. Study to know or pass

There are two kinds of people. One who wants to learn everything. Others who want to get the job done right. If you’re of the first kind, you can study as much material as you can while preparing for that coveted license you’re trying to get.

Or you can simply study for the exam. The questions that get asked in the exam aren’t that big of a secret. There is a dedicated question pool from which they prepare the test. If you can memorize them well, getting the license won’t be that big of a deal.

7. Classes by Ham radio clubs

If you want to know more about amateur radio, you can take classes. Many Ham radio clubs offer such programs. They not only prepare for you to pass the exam by memorizing the answers. They give you real hands-on experience with the machine to learn more about it deeply. These classes are worth it if you want to truly gather more knowledge about the device.

8. No need for perfection

There is no need to get perfect scores. The first two class licenses exam has 35 questions each, while the higher-tier exam level comes with 50 questions. You need to achieve 74% marks to pass the exam.

So, there is room for making mistakes. Even if you get some wrong, you are still good to pass and get your license.

One quick tip I’ve got to give to you is that never pass a question even if you don’t know the answer. Try to answer it. Even if you get it wrong, you still have a 25% chance to get it right. Not answering means you’ve got a 100% chance of getting it wrong. So, make a guess.

9. Give more time

When the big day is coming close, you need to study a bit more. Give more time to your study. If you’ve studied 30 minutes a day, increase the time to 50 minutes or more if you can.

It is better to work hard for a couple of days to get what you want rather than fail and start from scratch again.

10. Take online Tests

Before taking the actual exam, try to give as many mock tests as you can. Try to improve your score all the time. IT will help you to study more efficiently as well as improve your confidence.

Just don’t stop; give your all.


I hope these 10 study tips for taking the ham radio license exam will give you a clear idea of what you need to do to prepare for the exam.

It isn’t that hard. Just keep yourself motivated and study for the test; you will pass and get your Ham radio license for sure.

Believe in yourself!

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