Must Have CB Radio Accessories For Better Performance

Got your CB radio? Great! You can start using it, but you might feel like it isn’t what you hoped to be after some time. And that’s the catch with CB radio. On its own, you can use the CB radio, but to get the best out of your CB radio, you’ve got to get some other stuff.

The radio alone isn’t enough.

Now, what are these must-have CB radio accessories? To find them out, you should check out this list below.

You will find the things you need to get to use your CB radio right here.

Must Have CB Radio Accessories List

Must-Have CB Radio Accessories

You’ve got the CB radio on the desk. Now, you need to get some of the other things to go with it. Searching for them over the internet might be a tedious task. You might even be told to get something that you might not need.

That’s why I’ve compiled a list of essential CB accessories that you must need for the CB radio. Here, they are:

CB Antenna:

No doubt, you’ve got to get an antenna for the CB radio. Without it, you might not be able to connect with the other CB radio.

Now, choosing the antenna, you should think about the range. If you don’t need a lot of coverage then a regular antenna might do the trick. But if you want to extend and communicate at distances, you’ve got to get a powerful one.

However, with a CB radio antenna, you’ve got to be careful about installing one on your property. That’s because if you’re getting a powerful antenna, then you might need to obtain permission for it.

Mounting System:

If you’ve got a portable CB radio for your vehicle, the antenna you’re getting needs to be installed on the roof of your car. For that, you would need a mounting system that can firmly hold it in its position.

The best option for mounting the antenna is to go with a magnet system or something that gets made out of rubber. That way, there won’t be any risk of it breaking or bending.

Coax Cable:

Now, to connect your CB radio with the antenna, you’ve got to be needing a coax cable. For this, you’ve got to consider the distance between the antenna and your radio.

The best thing to do is to always get a bit more cable. 18-feet is perfect for that as most CB radio antennas come pre-tuned to use with it. Anything shorter or longer than that might come across issues that might not give you the SWR reading you wish to achieve.

Even if you need to do that, you’ve got to make sure you are matching the wavelength. And never make the mistake of cutting down the extra cable. Not even wrap it around like a coil.

That will only make things worse for your CB radio connection.

SWR Metter:

Ok, to get those perfect SWR readings, you need an SWR. Not that you can’t use the CB radio without an SWR meter. You surely can tune your antenna without one, as I’ve shown in the past. But getting that might take more time and effort.

To get the best tuning on the antenna, a proper SWR meter is a must.

Without one, you might be at risk of damaging the CB radio, getting higher reading than you hoped for, which makes no sense on not having one.

CB External Speaker:

If you’re using the CB radio on your home’s desk, you might not feel like the need for an external speaker. However, if you’re using one in the car, getting one might be the best thing.

With all the noise around on the ride, the radio sound can get drowned in them. You might not be able to listen to anything right. With a speaker, you will be able to get a clear sound.

But make sure the output of the speaker is not more than 10 watts.

CB Mic:

The microphone that comes with most CB radio isn’t that great. It won’t pick up the voice, and the transmission isn’t what you hope to get.

That’s why switching to a better mic is the idea here.

With a good quality mic, the mic gain you will get will be much better. That will improve your transmission by some margin. IT will make sure it cuts down the background noise to let the other person listen to only what you’re saying.

So, for clarity of sound, you have to look for a mic.

Mic Holder:

Getting a microphone holder makes good sense. You won’t need to let it lie around on the desk. Instead, you can keep things compact. Not good for that, but you will be able to make sure it doesn’t fall off its place.

CB Amplifier:

If you got a CB radio, you might find that it operates on very little power. Only 4 watts is what you get allowed to use. That’s not enough in places where there are too many obstacles to stop it from getting to its intended location.

You’ve got to take care of the problem. Need to boost the signal. And for that, you’ve got to get an amplifier.

With that, you will be able to send your transmissions to further distances. However, to use it, you’ve got to have a good antenna that can withstand the power. So, while getting one, get a good antenna is imperative.

What parts do you need for the CB radio in the car?

If you’re getting a portable CB radio for your ride, you can get all the things mentioned above. But the 4 things you must need alongside the radio itself are an antenna, a coaxial cable, an SWR meter, and a proper mounting system for the antenna.


You might think like there are many things you’ve got to get, but to be honest, to enjoy the true essence of the CB radio, these are must-have CB radio accessories. Like a noise filter, there is other stuff, speaker splitter too, but you can do without them. But these are something you need to get. Don’t compromise!

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