7 Emergency Communication Equipments – Prepare for Disaster

Phones are a great way to communicate at longer distances. You can’t imagine a day that goes by without using them. At least I can’t.

Still, I can’t rely on them in emergency conditions.

In some places, it is hard to find a signal. That’s why in emergency conditions, you need to rely on something other than the phone.

In this emergency communications equipment list, I will give you some of those alternatives to keep with you if you can’t get a signal on the phone.

Let’s start then.

Emergency Communication Equipments List

Emergency Communication Equipments

There are many types of equipment that you can use to communicate in emergency conditions. Listing all of them doesn’t seem like a good idea. That’s because some of them aren’t that easily accessible like the rest. So, I wanted to offer the options that you can get your hands on real easy. And obviously, without breaking the vault.

1. Walkie-Talkie

To cover short distances, you should go and get a walkie-talkie. In camping and other situations like that where you get separated from your team, you can use it to talk and find your way back. It’s easy to use and affordable. Also, in those places, you can use it to ask for help from the rangers and other officials out there who are always ready to help people. Just get on their frequency and ask for help.

2. CB Radio

Like the two-way radios, the CB radio is another medium that I believe comes in real handy in similar situations.

You get 40 channels that you can use to make communication. And as there is no need for a license to use it, it is quite practical too.

However, the range isn’t the best as it uses limited power. You’ve got to improve it with an antenna. And that can make things a bit tricky.

Other than that, if you think about it, this is great for an emergency. It got dedicated channels that get used for just that. Not only that, you can keep the traffic update on the road to avoid certain highways. A great kit to have for those who are on the road most of the time.

3. Ham Radio

For the number of bands they offer and the distance they cover, I think Ham radio is the best in a real natural disaster.

You can cover a lot of distance using them. They are powerful enough to let you communicate with people living in other states and even countries. However, to use them, you need a license. That’s one of the reasons many don’t go for it as their obvious pick.

But it isn’t that hard to get that FCC license. You can know more about the licenses here. And if you’re interested in taking the exam and getting the permit to use them, you can use this guide to prep for the test.

It will be worth it, trust me, as in emergency conditions, they can save lives.

4. AM/FM Radio

I know it doesn’t seem like a tool that you can use to communicate with others. Still, AM/FM radio is helpful in an emergency situation. You will get the latest update about the disaster conditions on the radio. When the internet fails, the radio is still up and running.

Then, features like the NOAA alert give you real-time updates to be ready for any weather-related disaster. Even they got features like help beacon and sound alarm that can help you.

If you get stuck somewhere with no one to ask for help, you can use the AM/FM radio to request assistance by sending morse code flashes at distances. Hopefully, someone will see it and come to your aid.

5. GPS

GPS is another thing that many don’t realize is quite helpful in those emergency conditions. You only think it of a way to find a path in the areas where you’ve never been to, but that’s just limiting its true potential.

To give you a quick idea of how useful it can be, there are GPS systems with a buddy tracker that lets other people know to track your location. So, for instance, if anyone can’t reach you by phone, they can simply look up your GPS location and get to know where you’re.

It makes it easy for others to find you. SO, a great kit to have on you and on those people you care about in case if you can’t get them to hold of them on the phone. But obviously, it should be used for such situations. You shouldn’t use it for sneaking into someone’s life.

6. Satellite Phones

Another great option that works great in a disaster situation is the satellite phone. You can use it to do everything like a regular phone. However, with the phone, there is the issue that it can be quite costly. Not everyone can afford it.

But you can get an emergency calling plan and use it if you require it. If you think it like a long-time investment, it can also be a good option.

7. Backup Power

Whatever you do, whatever you use, for many of them to use, you’ve got to ensure that you’ve got a backup power system in place. If there is a blackout and you have no way to charge the devices, no matter what device you own, the battery will run out of power after some time, and you’ll be off the grid.

So, make sure to get a backup power option in place. That can be your regular cell batteries or a powerful power bank.

Make sure you’ve got it to be ready for the situation.


As I’ve stated earlier, if you look for the emergency communications equipment list, you might find other options. But the ones I’ve offered here are the best as they are quite reliable.

So, you can go to them.

Whatever you pick, make sure to let me and other readers know about the comment. And let us know why you’ve decided on that.

Till then, have a good time.

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